Globally, there are around 200 species of this genus for the most part distributed in the palaearctic and oriental regions. Five species extend into Britain and two are present in Ireland (antennata, rapae).

Within the subfamily Tenthredininae, the genus Pachyprotasis can be characterised by the following features. The antennae are slender and longer than twice the width of the head behind the eyes. The males have a dorso-laterally positioned carina along the entire length of the flagella on the inner face. The occipital carina is well developed. In the forewing the anal cell is widely constricted in the middle where vein 2A+3A is fused to vein 1A. On the hind legs the coxae are elongated. The femurs are also lengthened so that they are as long as or longer than the tibiae. The combination of the coxae and femurs being long results in the distal end of the femur often extending beyond the tip of the abdomen. The hind tibial spurs are much longer than the breadth of the tibia.

Larvae feed on a broad range of herbaceous plants.

Species list:

Pachyprotasis antennata (Klug, 1817)

Pachyprotasis nigronotata Kriechbaumer, 1874

Pachyprotasis rapae (Linnaeus, 1767)

Pachyprotasis simulans (Klug, 1817)

Pachyprotasis variegata (Fallén, 1808)


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