British and Irish Sawflies – Welcome to our website

This sawfly website has been developed by Andrew Green to help promote the identification and recording of sawflies across Britain and Ireland. It follows on from the success of Stuart Dunlop's Facebook group - British and Irish Sawflies (Symphyta). The details, and especially the images, have been verified and only trusted sources have been used. It is hoped that this resource will encourage more people to record sawflies in their area and submit their records to improve our understanding of the status, distribution and ecology of sawflies in Britain and Ireland.

The site focusses on sawflies of Britain and Ireland but includes some resources from the wider European community. At times, it is Bedfordshire centric due to the extensive work carried out in that county by Victor Horace Chambers (1911-1984).

The website will develop as new contributions arise especially with regard to larval identification, distribution and seasonality (phenology). It will support the national recording scheme in the future.

If you have verifiable information that you would like to include, or spot any errors, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster.