Pachyprotasis simulans (Klug, 1817)

Pachyprotasis simulans

One of the black and white Pachyprotasis species very similar to Pachyprotasis rapae and Pachyprotasis variegata. This is marginally smaller than the other two species. It can be differentiated by tergites with white apical margins that are broader in the midline than at the lateral edges, and the hind femora that are black and white in both sexes.
Larvae feed on figworts, goldenrod and ragworts.

Size: 6.5 - 7.5mm

Status: Very rare

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales

Flight period: May to June

Plant associations: Scrophularia spp., Solidago sp., and Senecio spp. (figworts, goldenrod and ragworts)


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