Euura ferruginea - Rusty Willow Nematine

The overall colour is reddish-brown but this species is very variable. In the female the occipital area and the propleuron are often black as are two or three longitudinal stripes on the mesonotum. The mesosternum, metapleuron and the dorsum of the abdomen along the midline are sometimes also black.

The head of the male can be completely black and only the labrum and an upper eye patch remain yellow. The hind legs are predominantly yellow with darker tarsal apices.

Euura ferruginea larvae feed on grey willows.

Size: Female: 7.0 - 9.0mm.

Status: Common

Distribution: England, Scotland, Ireland

Flight period: May to June, July to September

Plant associations: Salix atrocinerea (grey willow).


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