Xiphydria longicollis

The maple wood-wasp is one of three species in the genus in Britain. Only Xiphydria longicollis and camelus have the abdomen entirely black dorsally. All three species have lateral white spots on the abdomen. In longicollis the antennal second segment is clearly longer than the fourth segment. The hind basitarsus 1.5 times as long as the following three segments combined. In females, the legs are marked with white at the base of the tibiae and tarsi.

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Larvae bore into the wood of ailing or dead field maples and sycamores usually close to old woodland.

Size: 10 - 21mm

Status: Rare

Distribution: England

Flight period: May? to August?

Plant associations: Acer campestre and Acer pseudoplatanus (field maple and sycamore)


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