Trichiosoma laterale - Russet Hairy-clubhorn

All authors agree that Trichiosoma is a genus whose taxonomy has not yet been satisfactorily resolved. Benson (1951) felt that laterale was a synonym of vitellinae. Later Viitasaari (1985,1989) reinstated it as a species in its own right. More recently, Liston (2014) considered it a synonym of Leach's latreillei and perhaps also marginale. There are about a dozen old records and two recent ones that could be assigned to laterale, although the basis for doing so is generally unclear (Musgrove, 2022). Trichiosoma laterale is mainly black but more or less reddish-brown laterally. On the apical tergites, the silky, adpressed pubescence does not obscure the underlying puncturation.

Larvae feed on birch and willow.

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Size: 13 - 24mm

GB IUCN Status: Data Deficient

GB Rarity Status: Unclear

Distribution: England, Ireland

Flight period: May to July

Plant associations: Betula spp. and Salix spp. (birches and willows).


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