Scolioneura betuleti

Benson considered this species to be bivoltine. Altenhofer and Taeger, 1980 proposed separating the two generations into Scolioneura betuli and Scolioneura vicina on the basis of the phenology alone. However, MacQuarrie et al, 2007 found no genetic difference between the two proposed species. Subsequently, Leppänen et al, 2012 also found overlap between the two phenological populations further supporting the argument that the two proposed species are in fact conspecific.

Scolioneura betuleti is a small black species with legs that are mainly reddish-yellow but with black coxae, trochanters, to some extent the base of the femora and the apical tarsal segments.

Scolioneura betuleti larvae mine the leaves of birch species, especially young birches.

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Size: 4 - 5mm

Status: Common

Distribution: England, Scotland, Ireland

Flight period: May to June and July to September

Plant associations: Betula spp. (birches)


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