Sciapteryx consobrina (Klug, 1816)

Sciapteryx consobrina

One of two Sciapteryx species in Britain. In the female, mostly black with white on the tegulae, the labrum, more or less the inner and outer orbits, narrowly on the pronotal margin and narrow apical margins of the tergites. There is a white spot also on the apices of the coxae and the front face of the tibia and the tarsi are white. The male is similarly patterned but with more white on the clypeus and labrum and broader eye margins. The stigma and costa are black and the subcosta-radial vein is white in front and black behind.

Sciapteryx consobrina larvae feed on moschatel.

Size: 6-10mm

Status: Rare

Distribution: England

Flight period: April to May

Plant associations: Adoxa moschatellina (moschatel)


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