Pristiphora depressa - Flattened Sawyer
Pristiphora depressa

Discovered as new to Britain in 2021 by Dave Gibbs. Similar to subbifida. The head in dorsal view has only small pale spots (extensively pale in subbifida) and on the thorax the metapostnotum is black (at least partially pale in subbifida). Legs are for the most part pale. Pterostigma dark. Males are unknown. The female is best determined by the characteristics of the saw and sawsheath.

Pristiphora depressa larvae feed on maples and sycamore species.

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Size: 5.0 - 7.0mm

Status: Data deficient

Distribution: England

Flight period: May to July

Plant associations: Acer spp. (maples, sycamore, etc.)


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