Group oblita

Description follows Liston et al, 2017. This large group forms willow leaf-rolls, which may be spiralled or rolled along the leaf edges. In Britain, the hostplant willows reflect the large group with many upland and lowland species included. The oblita species are univoltine or bivoltine. The characteristics of the group are broad and are as follows. The mandibles are asymmetric with the right one being evenly tapered and the left narrowing rapidly from the base to a narrow blade-like apex. The cross vein 2r-m is usually present on the forewing submarginal cells. The supraclypeal region has setae laterally and in the upper third and is often densely haired. The antennae are moderately to very long.  The penis valve of the males lacks any small spines ventrally. The female has short to moderately long cerci.

A number of species within the group are indistinguishable as females and, having little difference in the genetic barcode, may be conspecific. These form the ischnocera complex which require further work to determine species boundaries.

Group oblita

Euura acutiserra (Lindqvist, 1949) = Phyllocolpa acutiserra (Lindqvist, 1949)

Euura anglica (Cameron, 1877) = Phyllocolpa anglica (Cameron, 1877

Euura destricta (MacGillivray, 1923) = Phyllocolpa carinifrons (Benson, 1940)

Euura leucapsis (Tischbein, 1846) = Phyllocolpa leucapsis Kopelke, 1999 = Phyllocolpa alienata (Förster, 1854)

Euura leucosticta (Hartig, 1837) = Phyllocolpa erythropyga (Förster, 1854) = Phyllocolpa leucosticta (Hartig, 1837)

Euura oblita (Serville, 1823) = Phyllocolpa oblita (Serville, 1823)

Euura scotaspis (Förster, 1854) = Phyllocolpa scotaspis (Förster, 1854)

Complex ischnocera within Group oblita

Euura ischnocera (Thomson, 1863) = Phyllocolpa ischnocera (Thomson, 1863)

Euura plicalapponum (Kopelke, 2007) = Phyllocolpa plicalapponum Kopelke, 2007

Euura plicaphylicifolia (Kopelke, 2007) = Phyllocolpa plicaphylicifolia Kopelke, 2007

Euura polita (Zaddach, 1883) = Phyllocolpa polita (Zaddach, 1883)

Euura prussica (Zaddach, 1883) = Phyllocolpa prussica (Zaddach, 1883)


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