Group amerinae

Description follows Liston et al, 2017. This group forms willow galls in the stems, buds and leaf petioles and midribs. With the exception of one or two montane species, most of the host willows are widespread across Britain. The group can be divided into sub-groups on the basis of genetics and morphology, rather than their biology. The species are all univoltine. The characteristics of the group are as follows. The mandibles are broadly similar and taper evenly to the apex. The cross vein 2r-m is absent from the forewing submarginal cells. The supraclypeal region is densely haired and the antennae are comparatively short. The penis valve of the males lacks any small spines ventrally. The female has slender cerci that are at least eight times the breadth.

Species list:

Euura atra (Jurine, 1807)

Euura auritae Kopelke, 2000

Euura mucronata (Hartig, 1837)

Euura salicispurpureae Kopelke, 2014 = Euura purpureae Kopelke,1996

Euura testaceipes (Brischke, 1883)

Euura venusta (Brischke, 1883)

Euura weiffenbachii Ermolenko, 1988


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