Gilpinia virens (Klug, 1812)

Gilpinia virens

The female's inner apical spur of the hind tibia is shaped like a scale. Apex of the sawsheath in dorsal view is much broader than the apical breadth of the hind tibia. The underside of the thorax is dark and the head has a dark band reaching from eye to eye. The stigma and costa are yellow. Antennae 18 segmented.
The male pronotum is broadly margined with yellow. The apical 3 tergites are almost entirely red as well as the whole of the underside.

Larvae feed gregariously on pines, especially Scots pine.


Size: 7 - 9mm

Status: Rare

Distribution: England

Flight period: May to July

Plant associations: Pinus spp., especially sylvestris (Scots pine)


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