Globally there are nine species in the genus Tomostethus, mostly distributed in the palaearctic region. Only one species is present in both Britain and Ireland.

The genus can be characterised by the following features. The antennal pedicel is about as long as it is wide. The first flagellomere is almost as long as the second and third flagellomeres combined. The post-genal carina is missing. On the forelegs the tibial spur is bifurcate at the tip and the tarsal claws are simple. The prepectus is large and triangular in the same plane as the mesepisternum from which it is separated by a suture. In the forewing the stub vein 2A+3A is straight, or only weakly upcurved, at the apex. Veins M and 1m-cu slightly diverge. In the hindwing, cell M is present.

Larvae feed on trees in the Oleaceae family, especially Fraxinus species.

Species list:

Tomostethus nigritus (Fabricius, 1804)


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