Globally, this is an extremely large genus with over 1,080 species distributed across the holarctic regions. There are 30 species present in Britain and thirteen in Ireland (asterixed in the list below). Within the genus numerous species groups and subspecies have been identified. The species in the genus Elinora, previously split from Tenthredo, have now been reinstated as Tenthredo species.

The Tenthredo species can be characterised within the Tenthredininae by the following features. In frontal view the inner margins of the eyes converge strongly such that they are closer together at the bottom than the width of the clypeus. The labrum is usually rounded apically, or may be subtruncate. In the forewing the anal cell is entire with vein 2A+3A not in contact with vein 1A, and with a short, erect cross vein. On the hind legs the femur is shorter than the tibia and the coxae are not elongated.

Larvae feed on a broad range of plants and are often polyphagous.

Antennae setiform: Narrowing along its length. Usually longer than the length of the head and thorax combined. Eighth segment more than 2.5 times longer than its width.

Abdomen marked with green and black (when alive).

Tenthredo (Eurogaster) mesomela Linnaeus, 1758 *

Tenthredo (Eurogaster) mioceras (Enslin, 1912) *

Tenthredo (Eurogaster) obsoleta Klug, 1817 *

Tenthredo (Olivacedo) olivacea Klug, 1817

Abdomen banded with yellow.

Tenthredo (Maculedo) maculata Geoffroy, 1785

Tenthredo (Temuledo) temula Scopoli, 1763 *

Abdomen not marked with yellow or green.

Antennae entirely black.

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) atra Linnaeus, 1758 *

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) ignobilis Klug, 1817

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) mandibularis Fabricius, 1804

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) moniliata Klug, 1817 *

Antennae marked with white.

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) semicolon Mol, 2013

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) balteata Klug, 1817 *

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) colon Klug, 1817 *

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) fagi Panzer, 1798

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) ferruginea Schrank, 1776 *

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) livida Linnaeus, 1758 *

Tenthredo (Tenthredella) velox velox Fabricius, 1798

Antennae subclavate: Somewhat club-shaped. Usually shorter than the length of the head and thorax combined. Eighth segment less than 2.5 times longer than its width.

Tenthredo (Cephaledo) neobesa Zombori, 1980

Tenthredo (Elinora) baetica Spinola, 1846

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) arcuata Forster, 1771 *

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) brevicornis (Konow, 1886) *

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) notha Klug, 1817 *

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) omissa (Förster, 1844)

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) schaefferi Klug, 1817

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) scrophulariae Linnaeus, 1758

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) thompsoni (Curtis, 1839)

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) vespa Retzius, 1783

Tenthredo (Tenthredo) zona Klug, 1817

Tenthredo (Zonuledo) amoena Gravenhorst, 1807

Tenthredo (Zonuledo) distinguenda (R. Stein, 1885)


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