There are thought to be seventeen species of Selandria across the holarctic and neotropical regions. In Britain there are two species and in Ireland only one (Selandria serva).

The genus Selandria can be characterised by the following features. The length of the antennae is at most twice the width of the head behind the eyes. The mouthparts have a complete complement of labial and maxillary palp segments (four and six respectively). In the forewing the costal vein is expanded apically to at least half the breadth of the stigma and the stigma itself is not as broad as the length of the marginal cross vein 2r-rs. In the hindwing cell RS is in contact with cell C. On the thorax the mesepisternum has an inverted V-shaped furrow near the top of the sclerite. On the hind legs the basal tarsomere is clearly longer than the following three tarsomeres combined.

Larvae feed on species of Cyperaceae, Graminaceae and Juncaceae.

Species list:

Selandria melanosterna (Serville, 1823)

Selandria serva (Fabricius, 1793)


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