Globally, the genus Rhogogaster is thought to have 37 species distributed across the holarctic regions and the orient. Most are found in the palaearctic region. The Rhogogaster were split by Lacourt in 1997 to form the genus Cytisogaster. However, in genetic studies, Taeger in 2015 found the evidence to support this to be inconclusive having previously recommended that the Cytisogaster revert to a subgenus of Rhogogaster. Here Cytisogaster is treated as a subgenus. There are seven species in Britain and just one in Ireland.

Within the Tenthredininae, the Rhogogaster are difficult to separate from the genus Tenthredo and it is possible that this genus may be absorbed into the Tenthredo genus once further phylogenetic studies have been completed. The Rhogogaster are recognisable by their bright green and black body colour patterns, though there are one or two Tenthredo species with similar colouring. In the Rhogogaster, the third and fourth tooth of the right mandible are fused into a single truncate tooth, at least in females. In males this fused tooth may be bidentate. In frontal view the inner margins of the eyes converge but to a lesser extent than in the Tenthredo species such that the bottom of the eyes are not closer together than the width of the clypeus. On the forelegs, the tibial spurs are also blunt in most species.

The subgenus Cytisogaster can be recognised by the bicolorous stigma in the forewing.

The larvae are polyphagous.

Species list:

Rhogogaster (Cytisogaster) chambersi Benson, 1947

Rhogogaster (Cytisogaster) genistae Benson, 1947

Rhogogaster (Cytisogaster) picta (Klug, 1817)

Rhogogaster (Rhogogaster) chlorosoma (Benson, 1943)

Rhogogaster (Rhogogaster) punctulata (Klug, 1817)

Rhogogaster scalaris (Klug, 1817) = Rhogogaster viridis (Linnaeus, 1758)

Rhogogaster viridis (Linnaeus, 1758) = Rhogogaster dryas (Benson, 1943)


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