Globally, there are 19 species distributed across the holarctic region. In Britain the genus is represented by one species. The genus is absent from Ireland.

The three genera Paracharactus, Rhadinoceraea and Phymatocera are difficult to separate by morphological features. However, Rhadinoceraea can be distinguished by the following features. The mesoscutellar appendage at its midpoint is less than one fifth as long as the mesoscutellum. The front margin of the mesepisternum is in the same plane as the remainder without a raised rim. In the male, the antennae lack any obvious, raised setae. In the female, the antenna is shorter than the distance from the forewing base to its costa.

Larvae feed on members of the Iridaceae and Liliaceae family.

Species list:

Rhadinoceraea (Rhadinoceraea) micans (Schrank, 1781)


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