Globally there are thought to be only a few species of Pseudohemitaxonus and only one species in Britain. The genus is absent from Ireland.

The Pseudohemitaxonus are slender insects. The antennae are filiform and are more than twice as long as the width of the head behind the eyes. The antennal pedicel is broader than long. The frontal area of the head is poorly defined with at most an indistinct carina. The prepectus is in the same plane as the mesepisterum and separated from it by a suture. The mesoscutellar appendage is very large. In the forewing the costal vein is only slightly swollen apically to less than half the width of the stigma. The anal cell of the forewing has the suberect cross vein is positioned towards the apex. The cross vein Rs is absent between cells the submarginal cells 1R1 and 1RS. In the hindwing the cell RS is not in contact with cell C and the anal cell has a petiole longer than the breadth of the cell. The fore legs have simple inner tibial spurs rather than them being bifid at the apex. The hind legs have the hind basitarsus is longer than the three following tarsal segments combined.

Larvae feed on the young fronds of ferns.

Species list:

Pseudohemitaxonus sharpi (Cameron, 1879


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