There are thought to be ten species of Pseudodineura globally, distributed across the Palaearctic and Nearctic regions. In Britain they are represented by three species and in Ireland a single species (Pseudodineura fuscula).

The Pseudodineura can be characterised within the Pseudodineurini by the following features. In the forewing, the basal loop of the anal vein is absent and stub vein A2+A3 is incomplete and straight. The cross vein 2r-m is usually present between cells 1Rs and 2Rs. In the hind wing the anal cell is open through vein 2A being incomplete.

The larvae feed inside blister mines in the leaves of species in the Ranunculaceae.

Species list:

Pseudodineura enslini (Hering, 1923)

Pseudodineura fuscula (Klug, 1816)

Pseudodineura mentiens (Thomson, 1871)


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