This is a large genus of some 65 species primarily with a holarctic distribution. There are around 16 species in the Western Palaearctic, of which 3 occur in Britain and one, Periclista albida, in Ireland.

The genus Periclista is characterised in the Blennocampini by the following features. In the forewing, veins 1m-cu an M are subparallel to parallel and in the hindwing the stub of vein 2A and 3A is curved upwards. Males have a peripheral vein on the hindwing. The tarsal claws have a basal lobe and an inner tooth and pulvilli are present on each tarsomere. The prepectus is absent and the mesopleurae have only insignificant feint punctures.

The larvae can be identified by the arrangement of spines on the body. Most species feed on oaks with a few feeding on Southern Beech and Hickory.

Species list:

Periclista (Periclista) albida (Klug, 1816)

Periclista (Periclista) lineolata (Klug, 1816)

Periclista (Periclista) pubescens (Zaddach, 1859)


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