This genus was previously placed in Melisandra along with Birka. The genus Nesoselandria is thought to have 86 species distributed across the holarctic and oriental regions. The majority are in the orient. There is a single species in Britain and Ireland.

Within the Selandriinae, the Nesoselandria can be characterised by the following features. The antennae are less than twice the width of the head behind the eyes. The scape and pedicel are each longer than they are wide. The first flagellomere is 1.75 times the length of the second flagellomere. The following flagellomeres gradually shorten. The post-genal carina is absent. The prepectus is present but its separation from the mesepisternum is by an poorly defined suture. In the forewing, the anal vein lacks a cross vein. In the hindwing, there are two middle cells with cell and the anal cell has a short apical petiole. Cell RS is not in contact with cell C. The tarsal claws have a pronounced inner tooth and a basal lobe, though this is easily overlooked.

The larvae of most species are undescribed but Nesoselandria morio is thought to feed on mosses.

Species list:

Nesoselandria morio (Fabricius, 1781)


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