Globally, there are thought to be 27 species of Nematinus mostly distributed in the Palaearctic region. There are five species in Britain and Ireland.

The genus can be characterised within the Nematinae by the following features. In the forewing vein 2r-rs is absent from the marginal cell. The stub vein 2A+3A is incomplete and straight so that the basal portion of the cell is open. The intercostal cross-vein Sc occurs before the point where vein M meets vein R. The hindwing has an anal cell. The tarsal claws have an inner tooth but no basal lobe. In the female, the ninth tergite is enlarged so that in lateral view the tergite is more than three times as long as the preceeding tergite. In the male, the penis valve is strongly narrowed apically often to form a filament. The left mandible in lateral view tapers gradually along its length rather than quickly narrowing in the middle.

Larvae feed on species of the the Betulaceae and Corylaceae families.

Species list:

Nematinus acuminatus (Thomson, 1871)

Nematinus caledonicus (Cameron, 1882)

Nematinus fuscipennis (Serville, 1823)

Nematinus luteus (Panzer, 1803)

Nematinus steini Blank, 1998


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