The genus Metallus has around 21 species widely distributed across the holarctic region. In Britain there are three species and in Ireland only one (Metallus pumilus).

The genus Metallus can be characterised as follows. The antennal pedicel is noticably broader than long and the third segment is about the same length as the fourth or only slightly longer. In males, these segments are modified to be flattened and broadened. Both the prepectus and the post-genal carina are absent. In the forewing, the stub vein 2A+3A is straight apically. In the hindwing, the marginal cell R1 is closed and an anal cell is present but the central cells Rs and M are absent. The tarsal claws have a large basal lobe but lack an inner tooth.

Larvae feed in blister mines in the leaves of Rosaceae species.

Species list:

Metallus albipes (Cameron, 1875)

Metallus lanceolatus (Thomson, 1870)

Metallus pumilus (Klug, 1816)


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