There are thought to be around 45 species of Hoplocampa distributed across the holarctic regions. There are nine species in Britain and seven in Ireland (brevis and testudinea being absent).

The Hoplocampa can be characterised within the Nematinae by the following features. The antennae are shorter than twice the breadth of the head though the pedicel is much longer than its breadth. In the forewing the base of vein 2A+3A is complete such that the anal cell is divided into both a basal and apical cell. Vein 2m-cu joins the submarginal cell 2Rs. Cross vein 2r-rs is present in the marginal cell.

Larvae feed within the developing soft fruits of trees in the Rosaceae family.

Species list:

Hoplocampa alpina (Zetterstedt, 1838)

Hoplocampa ariae Benson, 1933

Hoplocampa brevis (Klug, 1816)

Hoplocampa chrysorrhoea (Klug, 1816)

Hoplocampa crataegi (Klug, 1816)

Hoplocampa flava (Linnaeus, 1761)

Hoplocampa fulvicornis (Panzer, 1801)

Hoplocampa pectoralis Thomson, 1871

Hoplocampa testudinea (Klug, 1816)


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