There are 23 species in the genus Heterarthrus primarily located in the palaearctic region. In Britain they are represented by seven species and in Ireland by four species (fiora, microcephalus, nemoratus and vagans).

Within the Heterarthrinae, the genus Heterarthrus can be characterised as follows. The antennae have between ten and twelve segments (sometimes more in the males). In dorsal view the head is less globose than other genera in this sub-family being much wider than it is long. The malar space is about twice the width of the front ocellus. There is no post-genal carina. The prepectus is also absent. On the legs, the tarsal claws are bifid with two subequal teeth close together and with a large basal lobe. The forewing has a complete anal cell with a cross vein. The hindwing lacks both the Rs and the M cells.

The larvae live in blister mines in tree leaves and make a distinctive circular cocoon in the leaf. The host plants are as follows.

AlderHeterarthrus vagans
BirchHeterarthrus nemoratus
Field MapleHeterarthrus wuestneii
Poplars esp. AspenHeterarthrus ochropoda

Heterarthrus cuneifrons

Heterarthrus fiora

WillowsHeterarthrus microcephalus

Species list:

Heterarthrus cuneifrons Altenhofer & Zombori, 1987

Heterarthrus fiora Liston, 2019 = Heterarthrus aceris (Kaltenbach, 1856) in Benson

Heterarthrus microcephalus (Klug, 1818)

Heterarthrus nemoratus (Fallén, 1808)

Heterarthrus ochropoda (Klug, 1818)

Heterarthrus vagans (Fallén, 1808)

Heterarthrus wuestneii (Konow, 1905)


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