Globally, the genus Fenusella has around ten species distributed across the holarctic region. In Britain they are represented by three species and in Ireland by two species, Fenusella glaucopis being absent.

The Fenusella can be characterised by the following features. The antennae have nine or ten segments. The second segment is longer than it is broad, but shorter and narrower than the first segment. The third antennal segment is always longer than the fourth. Antennae of the males are unmodified. There is no post-genal carina. In the forewing stub vein 2A+3A curves up apically towards 1A. In the hindwing the marginal cell R1 is at most only slightly open apically and cells Rs and M are absent. The tarsal claws have a long outer tooth and a large basal lobe.

The larvae feed inside blister mines in the leaves of species of the Betulaceae and Salicaceae.

Species list:

Fenusella glaucopis (Konow, 1907)

Fenusella hortulana (Klug, 1818)

Fenusella nana (Klug, 1816)


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