There are thought to be around 46 species of Cladius globally. The majority are distributed in the holarctic regions with one or two species in the neotropics and Australia. Separation of the species in the Western Palaearctic is unclear. Seven species are present in Britain and Ireland falling into two subgenera.

The genus can be characterised within the Nematinae by the following features. The antennal scape and the pedicel combined are noticably shorter than the third segment. In males the basal flagellomeres may be modified with protruberances. In the forewing, the anal cell is widely divided into two cells, vein 2r-rs is absent from the marginal cell and vein 2m-cu normally runs into submarginal cell 2Rs. The tarsal claws have an inner tooth.

Larvae feed on the leaves of various trees and shrubs.

Species list:

Cladius (Priophorus) brullei (Dahlbom, 1835)

Cladius (Priophorus) compressicornis (Fabricius, 1804)

Cladius (Priophorus) pectinicornis (Geoffroy, 1785)

Cladius (Priophorus) rufipes Serville, 1823

Cladius (Trichiocampus) grandis (Serville, 1823)

Cladius (Trichiocampus) pilicornis Curtis, 1833

Cladius (Trichiocampus) ulmi (Linnaeus, 1758)


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