This genus was previously placed in Melisandra along with Nesoselandria. The genus Birka is thought to have eighteen species distributed across the holarctic and oriental regions. There is a single species in Britain and Ireland.

This genus can be characterised within the Selandriinae by the following features. The antennae are shorter than twice the width of the head behind the eyes. The pedicel is about as broad as it is long, the first and second flagellomeres are subequal in length and the four apical segments are not obviously foreshortened. The post-genal carina is absent. A flat prepectus is present and separated from the mespisternum by a straight suture. In the forewing, the anal cell lacks an anal vein, vein 2rm is present and the stigma is not as deep as the length of the cross vein 2r-rs in the marginal cell. In the hindwing the anal cell is petiolate apically and the cell RS is not in contact with cell C.

Larvae are free feeders on species of the Boraginaceae family.

Species list:

Birka cinereipes (Klug, 1816)


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