There are thought to be 30 species of Aneugmenus globally, distributed across the holarctic and neotropical regions. There are four species in Britain and Ireland.

The genus Aneugmenus can be characterised within the Selandriinae by the following features. The antennae have the pedicel about as long as wide and the first flagellomere is longer than the second. The four apical flagellomeres combined are marginally shorter than the combined length of the first and second flagellomere. The post-genal carina is present to a varying length behind the eye. A defined prepectus is present with a furrow separating it from the mesepisternum. In the forewing, there is no cross-vein in the anal cell and in the hindwing the anal cell is not stalked. The tarsal claws are bifid with a basal lobe.

The larvae feed on the fronds of various ferns.

Species list:

Aneugmenus coronatus (Klug, 1818)

Aneugmenus fuerstenbergensis (Konow, 1885)

Aneugmenus padi (Linnaeus, 1760)

Aneugmenus temporalis (Thomson, 1871)


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