There are thought to be 56 species of Aglaostigma distributed across the holarctic regions. In Britain and Ireland there are two species both of which fall within the subgenus Astochus.

Within the Tenthredininae, the Aglaostigma can be charcterised by the following features. The first abdominal tergite (propodeum) has a medial furrow but is not widely incised. The occipital carina is present on the top of the head but is obsolete from the mandible up to about the top of the eyes. The tarsal claws have a subapical tooth closely adpressed to, and at least as long as, the apical tooth. The subapical tooth is wider than the apical tooth at its base.

Species list:

Aglaostigma (Astochus) aucupariae (Klug, 1817)

Aglaostigma (Astochus) fulvipes (Scopoli, 1763)


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