Fenusella nana (Klug, 1816)

Fenusella nana

Antennae with segment 8 twice as long as broad. Female mainly piceous black with a white labrum and tegulae and off-white knees, tibiae and tarsi of all legs. The male is mainly yellow with white on the tegulae and the outer edges of pronotum and otherwise mostly black or piceous. Frons with a distinct carina enclosing a supra-antennal field below and almost enclosing a frontal area above (open at the top).

Fenusella nana larvae feed in mines in the leaves of birches especially hairy birch.

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Size: Approx. 4 - 4.5mm

Status: Widespread

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

Flight period: May to June

Plant associations: Betula spp. esp. Betula pubescens (birches esp. hairy birch)


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