Family Tenthredinidae

The Tenthredinidae are by far the most diverse sawfly family globally with around 6000 species in an excess of 400 genera. In the northern hemisphere, the Tenthredinidae are predominant. In Britain, there are approaching 450 species in around 80 genera.

The Tenthredinidae are characterised as follows. The antennae have between seven and fifteen segments though the majority have nine segments. The hind margin of the pronotum when viewed from above is strongly emarginated. The abdomen is not carinate along the lateral margins.

The group is split into five subfamilies: the Allantinae, Athaliinae, Nematinae, Selandrinae and Tenthredinae. Of these, the Nematinae is the largest group with approximate 215 species in Britain.

Species list:

Subfamily Allantinae Rohwer, 1911

Tribe Allantini Rohwer, 1911

Genus Allantus Panzer, 1801

Genus Apethymus Benson, 1939

Genus Taxonus Hartig, 1837

Tribe Empriini Rohwer, 1911

Genus Ametastegia Costa, 1882

Genus Empria Lepeletier & Serville, 1828

Genus Harpiphorus Hartig, 1837

Genus Monostegia Costa, 1859

Genus Monsoma MacGillivray, 1908

Tribe Eriocampini Rohwer, 1911

Genus Eriocampa Hartig, 1837

Subfamily Blennocampinae Konow, 1890

Tribe Blennocampini Konow, 1890

Genus Ardis Konow, 1886

Genus Blennocampa Hartig, 1837

Genus Cladardis Benson, 1952

Genus Claremontia Rohwer, 1909

Genus Monardis Hartig, 1837

Genus Monophadnoides Ashmead, 1898

Genus Pareophora Konow, 1886

Genus Periclista Konow, 1886

Tribe Phymatocerini Rohwer, 1911

Genus Eutomostethus Enslin, 1914

Genus Monophadnus Hartig, 1837

Genus Phymatocera Dahlbom, 1835

Genus Phymatoceropsis Rohwer, 1916

Genus Rhadinoceraea Konow, 1886

Genus Stethomostus Benson, 1939

Genus Tomostethus Konow, 1886

Tribe Waldheimiini Smith, 1969

Genus Halidamia Benson, 1939

Subfamily Heterarthrinae Benson, 1952

Tribe Caliroini Benson, 1938

Genus Caliroa Costa, 1859

Genus Endelomyia Ashmead, 1898

Tribe Fenusini MacGillivray, 1906

Genus Fenella Westwood, 1840

Genus Fenusa Leach, 1817

Genus Fenusella Enslin, 1914

Genus Metallus Forbes, 1885

Genus Parna Benson, 1936

Genus Profenusa MacGillivray, 1914

Genus Scolioneura Konow, 1890

Tribe Heterarthrini Benson, 1952

Genus Heterarthrus Stephens, 1835

Subfamily Nematinae Thomson, 1871

Tribe Cladiini Ashmead, 1898

Genus Cladius Illiger, 1807

Tribe Dineurini Ashmead, 1898

Genus Anoplonyx Marlatt, 1896

Genus Dineura Dahlbom, 1835

Genus Hemichroa Stephens, 1835

Genus Nematinus Rohwer, 1911

Genus Platycampus Schiødte, 1839

Tribe Hoplocampini Konow, 1890

Genus Hoplocampa Hartig, 1837

Tribe Nematini Thomson, 1871

Genus Euura Newman, 1837

Group amerinae

Group anomaloptera

Group dolichura

Group oblita

Complex ischnocera within Group oblita

Group piliserra

Group proxima

Group viminalis

Former Amauronematus

Former Nematus and Pachynematus

Genus Mesoneura Hartig, 1837

Genus Nematus Panzer, 1801

Genus Pristicampus Zinovjev, 1993

Genus Pristiphora Latreille, 1810

Group abietina

Group alpestris

Group carinata

Group depressa

Group erichsonii

Group laricis

Group micronematica

Group nigella

Group pallida

Group pallidiventris

Group retusa

Group ruficornis

Group rufipes

Ungrouped species

Tribe Pseudodineurini Benson, 1938

Genus Endophytus Hering, 1934

Genus Pseudodineura Konow, 1885

Tribe Stauronematini Lacourt, 1998

Genus Stauronematus Benson, 1953

Subfamily Selandriinae Thomson, 1871

Tribe Aneugmenini Takeuchi, 1941

Genus Aneugmenus Hartig, 1837

Tribe Dolerini Thomson, 1871

Genus Dolerus Panzer, 1801

Tribe Dulophanini Lacourt, 1998

Genus Birka Malaise, 1944

Genus Nesoselandria Rohwer, 1910

Tribe Selandriini Thomson, 1871

Genus Brachythops Curtis, 1839

Genus Selandria Leach, 1817

Tribe Strongylogastrini Ashmead, 1898

Genus Pseudohemitaxonus Conde, 1932

Genus Stromboceros Konow, 1885

Genus Strongylogaster Dahlbom, 1835

Subfamily Tenthredininae Latreille, 1802

Tribe Macrophyini Benson, 1946

Genus Macrophya Dahlbom, 1835

Genus Pachyprotasis Hartig, 1837

Tribe Perineurini Rohwer, 1911

Genus Aglaostigma W. F. Kirby, 1882

Genus Perineura Hartig, 1837

Genus Tenthredopsis Costa, 1859

Tribe Tenthredinini Latreille, 1802

Genus Cytisogaster Lacourt, 1996

Genus Rhogogaster Konow, 1884

Genus Sciapteryx Stephens, 1835

Genus Tenthredo Linnaeus, 1758


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