Euura viridissimus (Möller, 1882)

Euura viridissimus

Males undescribed. A largely green and creamy-white species marked with black and brown tints. It has a distinctive, almost white, metascutellum with a central round or elliptical black mark. When viewed from above the supraclypeal area does not project in front of the antennal sockets. The postocellar area is mostly pale but may be marked with a small black spot. The antennae are conspicuously pale below and at the apices.

Euura viridissimus larvae feed on alder.

Size: 7 - 8mm

Status: Widespread

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

Flight period: Bivoltine, May to June, July to August

Plant associations: Alnus glutinosae (alder)


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