Euura vicina - Proximal Dock Nematine

In both genders the abdomen is entirely black. A similar species to Euura caeruleocarpa but the hind tibial inner spur is 1.5 times the length of the apical breadth of the hind tibia. In the male the spur is clearly more than half the length of the basitarsus. Both genders are mostly black with brown on the labrum. The legs are largely yellowish-brown. The cerci are shorter than the sawsheath when viewed from above.

Euura vicina larvae feed on birches, poplars, willows and broad-leaved dock.

Size: Female: 8.0 - 9.0mm, male: 7.5 - 8.0mm.

Status: Widespread, but infrequent

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

Flight period: May to July

Plant associations: Betula spp., Populus spp., Salix spp. and Rumex obtusifolius (birches, poplars, willows and broad-leaved dock).


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