Euura munda - Adorned Willow Nematine

The female has the front mesonotal lobe and the underside of the thorax frequently marked with black. The sawsheath is very thin and almost parallel-sided when viewed from above, but the apex is truncated. The cerci are relatively long so that the sawsheath exceeds the cerci by no more than half the length of the cerci.

Males are best determined by the shape of the penis valves. The scutellum is densely punctured all over and without a median furrow.

Euura munda larvae feed on creeping willow.

Size: Female: 7 - 9mm, males: 5.5 - 6.5mm.

Status: Local

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

Flight period: April to June

Plant associations: Salix repens (creeping willow)


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