Euura mcluckieae - McLuckie's Willow Nematine

An upland species known in Britain from the Highlands of Scotland.

The female is largely black with brown on the apical tergites, the tibiae of the fore and middle legs, the apices of the hind tibiae. Occasionally, there is also brown on the temples, the tegulae, the pronotal margins and the apices of the femora. The stigma are yellowish-white.

Males are coloured as the female but the hypopygium and genitalia are also brown. Determination should be confirmed by reference to the genitalia in both genders.

Euura mcluckieae larvae feed on eared willow and probably also on net-leaved willow.

Size: 5.0 - 6.0mm.

Status: Rare

Distribution: Scotland

Flight period: May to June

Plant associations: Salix herbacea and likely on Salix reticulata (dwarf and likely on net-leaved willow)


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