Euura imperfecta - Flawed Larch Nematine

The head is brownish-yellow above, with the mouthparts yellow. Marked with black are the antennae and the ocellar area. The thorax is also black but marked with yellow on the posterior corners of the pronotum, the tegulae, more or less the side and back margins of the prescutum and mesoscutum, the scutellum, the mesepisternum, rarely the mesosternum and more or less the metepisternum. The abdomen is black on top with the ninth tergite and underside of the abdomen more or less yellowish.

Euura imperfecta larvae feed on larches. Ova are deposited on the face of short-shoot needles and the larvae feed on the short shoots and later on longer emergent shoots. They are approx. 15 mm. long when mature. The main feeding period is in May-June (July in higher altitudes).

Size: 5.0 - 7.0mm.

Status: Local

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales

Flight period: Univoltine, April to May (June in higher altitudes)

Plant associations: Larix decidua (European larch)


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