Euura glabriceps - Smooth-headed Nematine

This species was added to the British list by Benson in 1968. The species is almost entirely black except for the labrum, the tegulae, the edge of the pronotum and the extreme apex of the abdomen. The hind femur is pale yellow but infuscated from the base to some degree.

Euura glabriceps larval food plants are not known but has been found in areas of alluvial grassland with mat-grass, sheep's fescue, common bent and heath rush.

Size: 4.5 - 5.5mm.

Status: Rare

Distribution: England

Flight period: May to August

Plant associations: Unknown but has been found in areas of Nardus stricta, Festuca ovina, Agrostis capillaris and Juncus squarrosus (mat-grass, sheep's fescue, common bent and heath rush).


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