Dolerus eversmanni - Eversmann's Weeper

Recorded widely across Britain, although records are sparse in Scotland. Observations have declined in recent years (Musgrove, 2023).

A mostly black species with red or off-white, if present, restricted to front tibia and apex of femur. Males have a white membranous patch covering the middle of tergites 5 and 6. In the female the sawsheath narrows to a point in dorsal view and is slightly hooked below in lateral view.

Dolerus eversmanni larvae feed on horsetails in wet areas. 

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Size: 9 - 10mm

GB IUCN Status: Near Threatened
GB Rarity Status: None

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

Flight period: April to June

Plant associations: Equisetum sp. (horsetails - wet habitat species)


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