Rhogogaster genistae - Broom Carver

Recorded widely throughout Britain where the foodplant occurs, although seemingly mostly absent from western areas (Musgrove, 2023).

One of three small species included in the Rhogogaster picta group. All three have bicolorous blue-green/black stigma. Rhogogaster genistae is either parthenogenic or the males are indistinguishable from other species. The hind tibia are lined with black on the anterio-dorsal face. Facial markings and saw teeth are diagnostic (see Benson).

Larvae feed on broom and dyer's greenweed. Eggs are lain in a pocket on the upper surface of a leaflet. Larvae nibble the edges of the leaves. The larvae drop from the leaf when disturbed. There are typically four instars in total lasting 20 to 30 days. According to Chambers, after the final moult the larvae may remain on the plant for several weeks before entering the soil where they overwinter without forming any cocoon.

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Size: 6 - 8.5mm

GB IUCN Status: Least Concern
GB Rarity Status: None

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales

Flight period: May to July

Plant associations: Cytisus scoparius (broom), Genista tinctoria (dyer's greenweed)


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