Cladius pectinicornis - Stag Knucklehorn

According to Prous et al, 2019, there is currently no reliable key or species treatment available for this genus. The description follows Benson.

The head is shiny above without sculpture or hair-warts. A black sawfly with pale tibiae and basal tarsi on all legs. Females of Cladius pectinicornis are difficult to identify. The male antennae have almost equally long projections to the three basal flagellae a shorter projection on the fourth and a minute projection on the fifth. The projection on the first flagella is about as long as the length of the following segment.

Larvae feed gregariously on roses, strawberry and greater burnet.

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Size: 5 - 7mm

Status: Widespread

Distribution: England, Scotland, Ireland

Flight period: Bivoltine, May to September

Plant associations: Rosa spp., Fragaria spp. and Sanguisorba officinalis (roses, strawberries and greater burnet)


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