Cladius grandis - Poplar Knucklehorn

According to Prous et al, 2019, there is currently no reliable key or species treatment available for this genus. The description follows Benson.

The body is mainly yellow with the head, upper surface of antennae, middle of the pronotum, the mesonotum and the metanotum black. The wings are yellowish basally. The stigma is brown with darker margins, the costa yellow and the rest of the venation brown to piceous.

Larvae of Cladius grandis feed gregariously on poplars and willows. Eggs are laid into cuts on leaf petioles. Larvae initially feed on the underside of the leaf skeletonizing it before beginning to feed from the edge of the leaf. Cocooning is done in crevices or in the pith of plant stems.

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Size: 7 - 9mm

Status: Widespread

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland

Flight period: Bivoltine, May to September

Plant associations: Populus spp. and Salix spp. (poplars and willows)


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