Arge enodis

Arge enodis is one of the black species. The apex of the wing (beyond the stigma) is clear, contrasting with a deeply infuscate base. Vein 3rm in the forewing is straight distinguishing this species from the similar Arge nigripes.

Larvae feed gregariously on willows. Eggs are lain into fully developed leaves between the serrations along the leaf margin. The larvae feed from the leaf margins to the midrib. At maturity they drop to the ground and construct a cocoon just below the soil surface.

Fenili (1976) notes that the larvae have also been reported as feeding on roses, alder and bird cherry across its European range. However, this may be as a result of misidentification.

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Status: Uncommon

Distribution: England

Flight period: May to June. (NB. Multivoltine on the continent.)

Plant associations: Salix spp. (smooth leaved willows) (2) including...

Salix daphnoides (European violet-willow) (2)
Salix fragilis (crack willow) (2)
Salix alba (white willow) (2)
Salix purpurea (purple willow) (2)


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