Allantus laticinctus

Allantus laticinctus females are distinctive with a black abdomen girdled in red across tergites 5 and 6, and a bicolorous stigma (white basally and dark apically). The mesopleura is uniformly smooth and polished. The hind femora are typically red.
The male ressembles the female but the red girdle is reduced to at most the hind margins of tergites 5 and 6.

Larvae feed on roses in dry scrubby habitats for 20 to 25 days before burrowing into cut stem pith.

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Size: approx. 7 - 9mm

Status: Local

Distribution: England, Scotland, Wales

Flight period: Multivoltine, May to September

Plant associations: Rosa spp. incl. Rosa spinosissima, Rosa arvensis and Rosa canina (roses)


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